Icons Set Free Psd File


Icons Set Free Psd File:

Our new Post is a set of wonderful icons free psd download. It has a variety of icons which can be used as ios icons, education icons, weather icons save tag icons and bank icons. These are re size able and vector shaped icons which can be used in any fields, these icons are wonderful and marvelous to use at and to work with. You can also stretch them and can make it bigger as needed. jolly and lovely colors are used , you can replace the colors if you wish so. You can also change the colors of white main part elements by double clicking in that layers, a new window will appear, you just need to pick the color of your choice and hit okay. now you have just changed the color with just simple two steps. To edit this file is as simple as to write ABCD. Thanks all for your great love and appreciation. we have got a lovey response from our users that really will appreciate to do better, Just keep around and stay happy with the downloads.


* Web element

* High definition

* well organized

* well grouped

* Color variations

* 300 dpi
* Instruction file is provided for help


It is requested that this file is not for sell at all  so to sell this file on any site is strictly prohibited. you may accused to plagiarism for that. It is for personal use only.



Our Mission is to provide high quality graphics in our large Graphical Search Engine. Where everyone can get our stuff free of cost. We Provide our stuff totally free for personal as well as commercial use, Some of them required attribution for commercial use.
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