3 in 1 Pet Dish Bowls Detailed Review

3 in 1 Pet Dish Bowls Detailed Review


Do you want to provide your dog the opportunity to calmly consume food and drink water? You need to invest in some high-quality dog dishes that can be refilled with food at any time, so that your pet may eat whenever it is most convenient for him. When shopping for this necessary item for your pet, you have a variety of options accessible thanks to the availability of dog bowls in a wide variety of colors.

If you want to make an investment that will last for a long time, buy our Pet Dish Bowls. It is common practice to keep the product simple on these bowls or cover them with an extra layer of protection in order to provide the bowl with more longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Pet Dish Bowls Details

⦁ Material: HIPS
Polystyrene (PS) plastic is a thermoplastic substance that is inherently translucent and may be purchased in a few different configurations. Crystal PS, commonly referred to as general purpose PS (GPPS), is the purest and most fundamental kind of polystyrene. Styrene monomer polymerization ends in producing the translucent substance known as GPPS as a byproduct.
⦁ Capacity: 1.8 L
⦁ Color: light blue, green, white, yellow, pink
⦁ The 3-in-1 Pet Water and Food Bowl Set have two cat bowls that are suited for dry and wet diets, and it enables numerous cats to consume their food and water at the same time.
⦁ Automated Water Delivery Pet Bowls: Siphon principle for steady management of water level & automatic water supply, anti-rust SUS spring keeps every drop fresh, 500 ml big capacity water bowls can fulfill 2-3 days’ requirement for water.
⦁ Raised Rotating Cat Bowls: The 0-15 degree tilt protects the cervical vertebrae, and the 360-degree rotatable cat bowls give extra area for cats to eat from various angles.
⦁ Cat Bowls That Are Simple to Use: Detachable components make it simple to clean, and a 4″ lip height to collect crumbles and spills from food and water.
⦁ Food-Safe Bowls for Your Cat.
⦁ Available at: https://gadgetcrept.com/collections/pets/products/pet-cat-bowl-automatic-feeder-3-in-1-dog-cat-food-bowl-with-water-fountain-double-bowl-drinking-raised-stand-dish-bowls-for-cats


Q: Is it necessary to wash the entire design to carry or is it as bowls separated?

A: Yes, the drinker is part of the entire design. Bowls are separated but fixed tightly at the expense of a square base. Since the bottle is enough for a long time for a small dog, you can wash it once in 5 days

Q: What material of the Cup?

A: Food-grade plastic

Q: Is there any way to get the bottle on the other side?

A: If the water bottle is damaged due to long-term use, you can use ordinary mineral water bottles or beverage bottles instead


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