Star Stable and Bingo Blitz Difference Games Online

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Star stable is a horse game where you can live in a world with your own horses.

And where adventures, horses and mysteries are waiting to be explored. It offers exciting quests and a mostly friendly environment. I have been playing this game for a good amount of time (4 years), and think the game is amazing.

Star Stable Online is available on PC, Mac and now also on iPhone and iPad.

It is free to try up to level 5. To experience all of Jorvik and access all the game’s features and adventures, you can become a Star Rider with a one-time payment.

The game is great overall, but you have to pay if you want the full experience.Yes, don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of money, but  worth it if you’ve been playing for a while. There is a free trial for the first few days and you can play for free until you reach level 5. Purchasing Star Rider not only gives you free roaming, but also lots of Star Coins and your own weekly credits. (100 Star Coins). If you are interested in purchasing a membership, please wait for an offer. Like Accessory sets or costumes.

Another type of transaction is the Double Star Coin. If you buy a membership here, you’ll get her double what you would  get if you bought the membership without the offer to begin with. For the same price!

Bingo Blitz Free Credit Coins

Collect Here: >>

Collect Here: >>

Collect Here: >>

This game is great for adventures and spending time with your own horse.

I personally think it’s a great game. Joining is advantageous if you want to play for a long time. The game is updated weekly  and constantly improved. If you love horses, try this game!

Note: This game can be played by all ages, but some  may not be suitable/friendly.
Please be careful with people online  and  never give out personal information.


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